The Best Sales Podcasts Hosted By The Sales Whisperer

Podcasts are changing the way we teach ourselves things. For the first time, we are being able to consume and absorb valuable information in a convenient yet effective way by listening to podcasts during moments we would otherwise consider a waste of time. Stuck in traffic? List to a podcast. Working out at the gym? Hey, check out this podcast. Riding the bus to work? Here’s a podcast you can listen to during your commute. In a world where the flow of information never stops, our reception of such shouldn’t let down its guard. And since making it in the sales world takes a lot of effort, a good way to use your free time is listening to the best sales podcasts out there to enrich your endeavors. Here are some of our recommendations at The Sales Whisperer.

Best Sales Podcasts

Veterans Turned Entrepreneurs

Being a veteran is an honorable label, but by no means should it be your only one. More and more veterans today are finding a second professional path in sales and entrepreneurship. In this series of informative discussions with veteran business owners across different industries, Wes Schaeffer, the Sales Whisperer and an Air Force veteran himself, discusses the challenges and rewards of pursuing a business career after service, the inner workings of such a transition, and the overlap between the two disciplines. Whether you have been a service member yourself or you are just interested in what happens beyond that, Veterans Turned Entrepreneurs is a series of The Sales Podcast that you should definitely check out.

From Prison to Prosperity

Prison should not be the end of your life and Wes Schaeffer knows that. There are many ways for people to create a better life for themselves after prison and that is what this series within The Sales Podcast wishes to explore. Interviewing people who have served time in federal prisons and similar facilities, we delve into the complexities of beginning again and starting anew. It’s far from an easy process, but as our many interviewees can testify, it is not an impossible one. You might have gone through prison yourself and are looking for your way into entrepreneurship. Maybe you know someone else who has gone through this and want to guide them through this. Maybe you are just interested in these stories! Regardless, this is bound to be an interesting series for you to check out.

Professional Sales Training

Sales training is not something you necessarily have to go to school for. Of course, that helps, but if you think you yourself are past the stage of going to school, the best sales podcasts out there can help set you on the path towards high-quality sales training. Wes Schaeffer didn’t earn the title of the Sales Whisperer for nothing. He’s a seasoned sales expert with a lot of knowledge to share with the world. That’s what The Sales Podcats’ Professional Sales Training series is for: to share extensive sales experience with those seeking to earn some valuable knowledge about the world of sales.

Listen to the Best Sales Podcasts

The Sales Whisperer has some of the best sales podcasts out there, which will readily set you on your journey towards a successful future in sales. What these go to show you is that you can find your own place in the world of sales regardless of your past or your background. Whether you served overseas or in a prison, you can move forward into a wonderful career in sales.