The Fun Comedy Adventure Featured In The Babymoon

The Babymoon

The Babymoon is one of the independent films features at the Twin Cities Film Fest. It might also be one of the movies you might not like to watch because it presents a couple on vacation in a luxury hotel. You might even wonder what is fascinating about it. In the trailer, it showed the husband to be a kind of feminine product while wife behaved like a “runt.” You might ask yourself why would you care so much if the man was kidnapped while the wife looked for him. It happens in several films. Furthermore, the trailer might not give you a reason to watch the film because you might feel like there’s nothing about the movie that would excite you while watching it for two hours. In other words, you would think that you would surely hate the film. However, like so many viewers who have seen the movie, you might change your perception of the movie.

What The Movie Is?

From the title itself, The Babymoon is about a husband and his wife visiting a beautiful resort while expecting their first child together. Trace is a former reality star while Hanna, the wife, is a businesswoman who makes and sells jewelry. During their stay in the resort, Hanna had the opportunity to meet a business mogul who is interested in her work. But when Trace saw them together, he got a little jealous resulting in him taking a small walk with a hotel maid. While they were on the beach, the maid tried to seduce him. But he refused her, which wasn’t easy to do because of her beauty. However, the seduction was only done as a setup. It turns out, the maid was a part of a group of rebels who planned to use Trace as leverage to make the current government some changes in the country.

When Hanna discovered that her man was kidnapped, she realized that he was not the kind of obnoxious person she thought she was.  So, she went to find him. The film offers a different kind of adventure. You’ll find it interesting to know that the actress who played Hanna in this movie was actually pregnant during the filming. After knowing it, you might get a little nervous for her when you watch her riding a bike to save her husband. Surely, The Babymoon is a kind of film that you and your partner would enjoy watching. To see the trailer, please visit: