Non Wovens That are a Cut Above

Across many different industries, non-wovens are used daily. Indeed, much of modern manufacturing depends upon top-quality nonwovens. Those are the kinds of fabrics that Pacific Upholstery Supply provides for almost fifty years. Building upon established relationships with trusted partners, they’ve been providing plenty of fabrics and more to new clients as well, helping them to then, in turn, provide their customers with the best products. With many different kinds of fabrics with a variety of applications. At Pacific Upholstery Supply, they always have something to meet your specific needs and you’ll find that their non-wovens really are a cut above. 

Types of Non Wovens Available 

As of this writing, Pacific Upholstery Supply offers six different kinds of non-wovens. They are spun-bond polyester, spun-bond polypropylene, flat bond polyester, needle punch polypropylene, needle punch polyester, and stitch bond polyester. These fabrics are used all over to aid Pacific Upholstery Supply’s clients in so many different industries and applications. 

How These Fabrics Can Be Used 

The sheer number of applications that these fabrics are used for is probably too long for just one blog. Pacific Upholstery Supply has clients who use these fabrics for landscape ground cover, erosion control, food processing, agricultural crop cover, roofing, protective packaging, fluid filtration, air filtration, constructing furniture, building upholstery, and even building bedding, too. That’s just in the last few months. There are several other kinds of applications that Pacific Upholstery Supply fabrics can be used for. If you think that their fabrics might be right for your application but you don’t see it listed, Pacific Upholstery Supply is always glad to discuss how their fabrics can be used. 

Beyond Just the Fabrics Themselves 

Each of the different fabrics that have been listed in the first paragraph has various value-added services. While these services differ from fabric to fabric, many of them are similar. For example, one can get perforated lengths on rolls with each of Pacific Upholstery Supply’s fabrics. You can also get professional sewing done on these fabrics as well. That way, they can meet your specific needs even better. If you’ve heard of sheeting, or as it’s also sometimes referred to as, “paneling,” each of these fabrics can have that done to them before you receive them. Pacific Upholstery Supply sees it as one more way that they can help their clients to get their jobs done quickly. 

Non-Wovens That are a Cut Above
Non-wovens that are a cut above.
Specific Fabrics for Specific Needs 

That said, there are some value-added services that are specific to some kinds of fabrics. To use an example, Needlepunch Polypropylene & Polyester fabrics can have UV and FR treatments done to them. Spunbond Polypropylene can have UV, FR, and even Hydrophilic treatments performed. Lastly, FR treatments can be performed on Stitchbond Polyester fabrics, too. As you can see, Pacific Upholstery Supply makes their products as customizable as possible. That’s just one more reason that Pacific Upholstery Supply has been able to help their clients for several years. To see how Pacific Upholstery Supply can best help you, you can message them through their site or call them at (323) 321-2222.