Looking for the Best Sales Books? Consider These Factors

Just about anyone who’s made some money thinks they can write a book about sales. It’s almost like checking an item off a list of things successful people do. That doesn’t mean that any sales book written by a rich person is going to be a good one. If you are looking for the best sales books, just choosing one at random might not be the best idea because, more often than not, it’s all just pseudo-intellectual economic jargon with no real applicability or real-world repercussions. If what you are looking for is the best sales book, consider holding your purchase and its writer up to certain standards.

A Reliable Reputation

Best Sales Books

Not anyone can write a sales book. In order to teach others how to do things, you need to know how to properly do the task itself pretty well. That’s why when you’re looking through potential reads and browsing the sales book section, it’s not about the book itself but about who wrote it. The writers behind the best sales books are those with actual quantifiable experience in the sales world, so take a few seconds to look up each author before deciding on a book. Don’t rely solely on the author’s bio on the back of the book because anyone can make themselves look good on paper. A quick fact check online can help you make the best decision in regards to your next read.

Anecdotes and Real Life Experience

Practical theory is nice, sure, but anyone can read Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations and understand the theory behind sales and capital. But how does that help you understand the world of sales nowadays? The best sales books won’t just shower you with economic theory and lecture you on the free market. They will actually provide real-life scenarios based on the author’s lived experience in said free market, giving you an accurate and realistic insight into the world of sales and marketing. That’s why the experience highlighted on the previous point is important. In order to properly share their knowledge, authors must share their experience via real examples and anecdotal scenarios. 

Applicable Knowledge

Theory is not enough to learn sales. Why? Because sales aren’t an exact science. They don’t necessarily work on an “If a, then b” basis like math does. Even in exact sciences, applicable knowledge is vital to actually put theory to use. Learning theoretical physics, for example, is not enough to practice experimental physics. In order to leap from one to the other one needs to learn how to apply theoretical concepts in the real physical world. The best sales books will not just tell you what you should you, they will tell you how you can do it. Again, if you’re looking for some theory then just read some Adam Smith or Milton Friedman. Sales books are supposed to give you applicable sales knowledge.

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