Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin at Divante

Individuals with darker skin tone who want to remove their unwanted body hair might be frustrated to know that laser hair removal does not always work for them. But unwanted hair can be frustrating, even though there is an ongoing pro-body hair movement on social media. 

Dark skin tones prevent laser hair removal treatment from providing positive results. The laser can work on darker skin. However, it can only provide a minimal outcome. 

But not at Divante. They use sophisticated, smarter lasers that are more precise. They can get rid of unwanted hair even on darker skin tones. 

The laser hair removal device they use can also reduce your chances of developing side effects commonly experienced by an individual with dark skin. 

Before their clinicians will perform this procedure, they will conduct a test patch. In this way, they will know whether or not you are prone to hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation. 

The benefits of this procedure for dark skin is that it offers a long-term solution. It is not permanent but there is no need for you to undergo the procedure every week. 

The Number of Sessions

It depends on your skin tone. It also varies depending on the area to be treated. The larger the area, the more expensive it is. 

At Divante Laser Med Spa, they offer different rates depending on the area that requires laser hair removal


Before you undergo such a procedure, you must avoid using skin care products with glycolic and salicylic acids five days before the treatment. In this way, you will get better results. 

You must also avoid exposing your skin to the sun. If you cannot evade it, use proper protection. Opt to apply at least SPF 30 or more. 


Their clinicians will provide you a set of instructions on what to do after the procedure. Follow the instructions properly to avoid experiencing side effects. 

Is It Worth It? 

At Divante Laser Med Spa, their clients would say that the overall experience is great. They no longer need to shave each day. With the minimal upkeep, it makes this procedure all worth it. 

Most of their patients did not experience any pigmentation problems or burns. The reason for this is that they only use high-level service to remove your unwanted hair using a laser. The technology that they employ here can be used on dark skin tones. 

They only utilize the latest laser machines available on the market. For that reason, there is no problem with them accepting a booking from customers with darker skin color. 

The most common target area for laser hair removal is underarm. However, their laser hair removal service includes facial hair, unwanted hair in the bikini line, abdomen, etc. 

It is important to remember that laser treatment is not a one-time session. To get rid of all unwanted hair for good, you will need to undergo several sessions. 

laser hair removal

You may book a session on the body parts where you have unwanted hair that you wish to be removed using their online booking system. However, if you wish to schedule a free consultation before undergoing laser hair removal, call them at (818) 334-4737.