Free NBA Picks: Kings and Pacers

Sacramento Kings have a lot to like about. And this is one of the reasons our free NBA picks include the Kings as the best team. Although the team is not enough to defeat the bigger organization in LA, it is still a competitive group that can go into the playoffs this season. 

Free NBA Picks and Marvin Bagley 

He is a vital player as he can help his team win. For Indiana, it defeated the Lakers at home. Unfortunately, it suffered from various injuries. Its wing scorers cannot play. Turner is a tough cover with a defensive presence while Sabonis is a more dynamic player than Turner. 

Because of the injuries that the Pacers sustained, the scoring will be affected more than its defense. Sacramento, on the other hand, has more firepower. It can force the Pacers to play at a faster pace than it normally does at home. We recommend making an over, despite Indiana winning it. 

Between Cavs and Memphis, the former has a better track record. However, it no longer has LeBron James. Memphis, on the other hand, has a lot to offer. It has Morant and Clarke. Cleveland must be regretting a lot as it allowed great players to slip through its fingers. 

The Cavs has beaten Charlotte at home. It received balanced scoring. If the team keeps it up, it can be more competitive. However, it has to be more consistent in every game. For now, it is difficult to find spots to support the team. In that case, you must take the Grizzlies. 

But between these two players, no one is a strong defensive team. Memphis has a more consistent offense. However, it still relies on some proven players. 

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