Check Out the Ultimate Sales Podcast

Podcasts have recently taken the world by storm. It seems like everyone listens to at least one, if not more of them. And while we are sure that your friends have showered you with multiple podcast recommendations, we would like to chip in as well. As fun as those true crime podcasts can be, they aren’t exactly filled with new information about how you can grow your business. Sales podcasts are great tools to learn new ways to approach your job. They are both convenient and informative, which can make for the best possible learning experience. And if you are looking for a good podcast about sales, look no further than The Sales Whisperer’s The Sales Podcast. Learn in Your Free Time

Learn in Your Free Time

Sales Podcast

The best thing about podcasts, and the cause behind their widespread appeal, is the fact that you get to enjoy them at times when you would otherwise not be doing anything. Stuck in traffic? Taking the bus? Enjoying your lunch at work? Podcasts are the perfect companions for such occasions. You can make use of the time that you would regularly be wasting in order to learn new information and improve your own business. The fact that they can be comfortably stored in your phone, as opposed to bulky books, only adds to their portable and versatile nature. You’ll be able to enjoy a good podcast about sales at just about any time you’d like.

Hear it From the Experts

The best attribute of the podcasts about sales is that the information comes straight from the experts in the field. You are not reading books written by ghostwriters, nor are you paying a fortune for consultations. You are intimately listening to the experts themselves talk about their own experience, sharing their hard-earned knowledge, and guiding you through the information they are imparting. Having access to that kind of knowledge is unprecedented, and it is definitely an asset that you should take full advantage of. Experts in the field such as The Sales Whisperer take pride in sharing their insights on the world of marketing through their successful and informative podcasts.

Experience to Back it All Up

When it comes to meaningful sales experience, you can hardly find anyone with more of it than the Sales Whisperer himself. An air force veteran, keynote speaker, sales trainer, and renowned marketing consultant, Wes Schaeffer has more than earned the title of The Sales Whisperer. For decades he has dedicated himself to learning everything there is to know about sales, digital marketing, and online customer relations. If you are looking for the ultimate teacher on the matter of sales, this is definitely your guy. He believes in his knowledge so much that he shares it on his acclaimed podcast for everyone to enjoy and to learn.

Listen to The Sales Podcast

Available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher, The Sales Whisperer’s podcast is readily accessible online for just about anyone looking to enrich their sales knowledge. Whether you are looking for veteran stories and their journey towards entrepreneurship or SEO and social media training, this podcast has got it covered. Be sure to check it out and grow your business with the help of The Sales Whisperer.