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Anxiety Therapist Los Angeles to Distinguish Anxiety from Anger

Anger may indicate the underlying emotional trigger. When you attend a session with Dr. Yvonne Thomas, an anxiety therapist in Los Angeles, you will have to confront your anger and frustration. Anger and anxiety are related.  Anxiety Therapist in Los Angeles to Understand Your Anxiety and Fear  Anxiety and anger interact with each other. Being […]

Queer Therapist in Los Angeles

A Queer Therapist in Los Angeles who Can Understand You

Change in you can only be achieved if you attend the therapeutic sessions. So, it is essential to get the right therapist who understands you to have the desired results. There is nothing as disappointing as to go to a therapy session only to realize that there is no connection with the therapist. Here is […]

neurofeedback therapy

Domestic Trouble and Addiction: Neurofeedback Therapy

Abusive behavior at home is often linked to alcohol and drug use. Treatment centers like Iris Healing Retreat assist in breaking this deadly cycle. Additionally, they provide an individualized plan of recovery. While there are several treatment options available in dealing with the domestic abuse linked to addiction, neurofeedback therapy works alongside traditional programs by focusing […]

Marriage Counseling

Should I Consider Marriage Counseling?

If you are uncertain about whether you need marriage counseling, a good indicator is looking up an article about marriage counseling. If you have to have problems in your marriage it would be better not to wait to seek professional counsel. Allowing problems to fester also give room for resentment to breed and the problems […]

Benefit Your Mental Health with the Best Psychologist in Los Angeles

Seeing a therapist is common practice for most people living in Los Angeles, and if you are thinking that a counseling session might help you to resolve some issues from your past, then there is never a better time than now to find someone to talk to. There are many benefits to going to therapy, […]

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Make an Informed Decision about Drug Rehab in California

Millions of people from all walks of life are struggling each day with drug addiction. Once addiction sets in, it can ravage a life, breaking relationships, upending families, and taking a harsh physical, mental and emotional toll. Getting proper help is critical, but it can be confusing for you since there are so many rehabilitation […]

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Get Help with Worries from a Los Angeles Psychologist

All of us struggle with concerns and issues that make us vulnerable and leave us uncertain about what we should do. You may have doubts about your life, your relationships or your career choices, or some other aspect of your life is causing you to lose sleep or spend your days worrying. If you feel […]

anxiety therapist in los angeles

How an Anxiety Therapist in Los Angeles Could Be the Key

Anxiety can be a mental disorder that prevents you from living your life effectively. A day is crowded with worries and fears that cannot be dismissed, and you may struggle to function properly, or at all, at school, at work, or in society. It may also be affecting your ability to bond with your family […]