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Psychologist in West Los Angeles Explains How Long to Mourn

Grief is a normal way to respond to a loss. There are various reasons why people grieve. It could be that you have lost your parents or your partner. Whatever the reason is, grieving is okay. However, if you think that you are feeling depressed, it might be time for you to seek the help […]

Sonny Arguinzoni

Lost Soul? Sonny Arguinzoni Can Show You Healing Through Faith

Modern life can often be extremely difficult to navigate, and many people find themselves left by the roadside, feeling abandoned and without hope. If they don’t receive the assistance they need at the right time, then they may become one of the many lost souls of our society. Drug addicts, gang members and other people […]

cognitive behavioral therapy

5 Things You Need to Know about CBT Therapy

You may have heard of cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s an evidence-based psychotherapy treatment that focuses on changing your negative thoughts and behaviors. It’s possible you already know someone who has received CBT therapy. So exactly what is it? Does it really work, and if so, how? What is CBT? CBT is a treatment method used […]

Trauma: The Forgotten Partner Of Substance Abuse Disorder

Trauma: The Forgotten Partner Of Substance Abuse Disorder

Most people who suffer from substance abuse disorder have dealt with some form of it through trauma. These take the form of: childhood trauma, physical or emotional abuse, PTSD, rape, neglect, homelessness, and more ad nauseum. These traumas may not be necessarily the cause of the habitual reliance, but it is most definitely a mitigating […]

The Right Grief counseling in Los Angeles

Grief Counseling in Los Angeles to Help Get You through Loss

Anytime that you experience the loss of a loved one, whether it is a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a child, or someone else close to you, you expect there to be times of sadness and grief. You will go through a range of emotions as you grieve, but for some people, these emotions linger […]