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The Real Cost of an Investment Mistake

No one gets into the trading and investment game to make a loss. Everyone is out to make as much as they possibly can. New investors are often very eager to get into the ring and land a couple of knockout investments to build a formidable portfolio. However, these are the guys that often get […]

nfl football spreading

NFL Football Spreads Betting Explained

You have seen your friends do well weekend after weekend betting on NFL games.  Why wouldn’t you love to get in on the action? As much as you want to do some betting, you are reluctant to get into. Either because you do not fully understand how it works, what the spread is, or know […]

HMO provider funding can help your medical practice

HMO Provider Funding Can Help Your Practice

While the public automatically assumes that any medical practice must be flush with cash and doing well as the owner or operator of a practice you know the situation to be quite different. There are many expenses that you need to take care of each day to keep your practice afloat, and there always seems […]