healthcare architecture firm

Healthcare Architecture Firm to Personalize Patient Rooms

Hospitals are now being reinvented. Patient rooms that used to be overcrowded are now being revitalized. This can help in a variety of ways, not the least of which is to personalize them. The goal here is to improve the patient experience.  That way, patients are not being treated the same. Most of them do […]

anxiety therapist in Los Angeles

Anxiety Therapist Los Angeles to Distinguish Anxiety from Anger

Anger may indicate the underlying emotional trigger. When you attend a session with Dr. Yvonne Thomas, an anxiety therapist in Los Angeles, you will have to confront your anger and frustration. Anger and anxiety are related.  Anxiety Therapist in Los Angeles to Understand Your Anxiety and Fear  Anxiety and anger interact with each other. Being […]

liturgical architecture firm

A Liturgical Architecture Firm’s Guide to Los Angeles Religious Buildings

Let’s face it, no one comes to Los Angeles expecting to make churches or temples a part of their sightseeing tours. We get it, it’s not Rome or Paris, and yes, the highlights are different. However, that doesn’t mean that the city doesn’t have a treasure trove of gorgeous religious buildings waiting to be admired. […]

commercial architects in Los Angeles

Looking for Commercial Architects in Los Angeles? Keep This in Mind

Constructing a building is a gargantuan task regardless of whether or not the building itself will be huge. It’s a heavy project that will demand a lot of the parties involved, which means that you need to find the best possible people for the job. When looking for commercial architects in Los Angeles, it is […]

psychologist in West Los Angeles

Psychologist in West Los Angeles Explains How Long to Mourn

Grief is a normal way to respond to a loss. There are various reasons why people grieve. It could be that you have lost your parents or your partner. Whatever the reason is, grieving is okay. However, if you think that you are feeling depressed, it might be time for you to seek the help […]

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Free NBA Picks: Kings and Pacers

Sacramento Kings have a lot to like about. And this is one of the reasons our free NBA picks include the Kings as the best team. Although the team is not enough to defeat the bigger organization in LA, it is still a competitive group that can go into the playoffs this season.  Free NBA […]

Los Angeles architecture firms

Los Angeles Architecture Firms Specialized in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare professionals and providers acknowledged the fact that spaces can greatly impact a patient’s self-image and mood while recuperating. This is where Los Angeles architecture firms that specialize in healthcare facilities come in.  The overall design of a healthcare facility affects patients and staff. When designing a healthcare facility now, architects are looking into the […]

housing architecture

Exploring Housing Architecture in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, apartment buildings aren’t just apartment buildings. The city, which for a hundred years has been nearly synonymous with the film industry, has been shaped by very eclectic artistic forces throughout most of its history. This is reflected in its famous monuments and iconic theaters, but you will also see it in its […]