A Non Woven Manufacturer With the Right Materials and Methods

Have you been searching for a non-woven manufacturer you can trust? Do you want non-wovens from someone with experience? At Pacific Upholstery Supply, they’ve provided non-wovens for decades. In that time, they’ve provided nonwovens for any number of industries. From food processing to bedding construction, air/fluid filtration to roofing, and so many others, their non-wovens have helped many professionals to get the job done right. Indeed, during the pandemic, their non-woven PPE fabrics have been fashioned into face masks and gowns. Now, they can put that experience to work for your company. 


While the Pacific Upholstery Supply company is always glad to provide non-wovens that offer a low cost yet high productivity, stitchbond excels in that regard. The unique fabric formation process involves, among other steps, knitting through a fibrous batt. Their stitchbond has been used for so many different applications, largely because it’s so opaque and strong. The strength of this non-woven can’t be underestimated: it’s as tear-resistant as it gets. 


If you’re looking for erosion protection, spunbond can do the work. It absorbs water as efficiently as you can imagine. Utterly stretchable, you can make this fabric work how you want. They’ve been providing spunbond solutions for customers for many years. Plenty of those who’ve used their spunbond in the past has come back, time and again, to get more of these non-wovens. 


At the risk of using a pun, Pacific Upholstery Supply needle punch non-wovens do pack a “punch.” That’s why they’re used in so many applications where they’re able to improve soils. The Pacific Upholstery Supply offers it in polypropylene as well as polyester. As with so many of their non-wovens, value-added services are available. That means you can get sewing, FR treatments, UV treatments, paneling/sheeting, and others. 

More Than Just a Non Woven Manufacturer 

Non-wovens are, for many, what the Pacific Upholstery Supply company is best known for. However, it’s far from all that they offer their customers. Indeed, you can find any number of different upholstery supplies available at their site. Mattress construction, roofing, converting services – the truth is that the Pacific Upholstery Supply company has helped so many professionals like you to be able to make the products that you want to make. To see everything that they offer, you can view our full catalog at their site. If you’d like to talk to a professional, call (323) 321-2222