A Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturer With a Proven Record

Non-wovens are very advanced. The high-tech engineering practices used to make non-wovens have come a long way. At Pacific Upholstery Supply, they create non-wovens for clients in a wide variety of industries. Companies all over, use Pacific Upholstery Supply non-wovens to provide their customers with all kinds of services. Pacific Upholstery Supply is a non-woven fabric manufacturer for almost 50 years. Pacific Upholstery Supply has the kinds of non-wovens that you can count on for a higher quality product and service. 

Flatbond Polyester – A Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturer

Despite the name ‘Flatbond’, there’s nothing “flat” about the performance of these non-wovens. The surface is smooth like paper but has a high degree of stiffness. As with so many of Pacific Upholstery Supply’s other non-wovens, they are used in several different kinds of industries with an extensive list of applications. This particular kind of non-woven is utilized in plenty of construction and industrial filtration applications, but that’s far from the only way that it can be used. As a non-woven fabric manufacturer with a proven record, Pacific Upholstery Supply has had clients rely on their non-wovens for many years. They’ve been used in so many products, and Pacific Upholstery Supply clients are always finding new ways to use them, too.

Needlepunch Polypropylene 

Non-wovens are used in several different ways. Needle punch polypropylene non-wovens have truly top-notch water flow rates. Non-wovens are great for perforated pipe wrapping, prefabricated drains, soil draining, and more. Obviously, that’s not all that these non-wovens are used for. You can use none-wovens as you best see fit. Pacific Upholstery Supply is always glad to provide more background about their products, letting you know all of the ways that they can benefit your business. 

Stitchbond Polyester Non-Wovens 

Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturer
A Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturer With a Proven Record

With a durable, uniform thickness, these non-wovens have a deep catalog of potential uses. As with so many of their other products, it’s waterproof. Anti-static, these non-wovens “breathe freely,” giving you the kind of performance that you expect of your products. Additionally, you can get these non-wovens (as well as the others) how you want, in terms of thickness, length, and more. It is Pacific Upholstery Supply’s job to provide not only great non-woven products to also provide products in such a manner that they fit their clients’ exacting specifications. 

Experienced Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer 

Over the last 46 years, Pacific Upholstery Supply fabrics are used in just about every single way you can imagine. Pacific Upholstery Supply provides you with the non-wovens for your specific job. To see which non-wovens are best for your needs, head to Pacific Upholstery Supply’s site. For more info, don’t hesitate to call Pacific Upholstery Supply at (323) 321-2222.