A Focused Architect Design Firm to Fit Your Needs

The stakes in modern architecture are high. When you have an enormous project that has to be done the right way, it’s rarely a good idea to go with a firm that’s tackling something of that magnitude for the first time. Experience can be critical in both getting the job done on time as well as on budget. Here at RBB Architects Inc., we’ve been getting projects done right for more than 65 years. Our architect design firm can guide your project through every step of the process. 

An Architect Design Firm with Experience 

 architect design firm

When we say that our design firm has been around for 65 years, we mean that it’s been continually working for 65 years. That doesn’t mean that it was created 65 years ago and then we waited for the projects to come in. Really, for the last six and a half decades plus we’ve been working consistently. The scope of our work can be seen all around the Southern California area. We rarely advertise or anything like that, as more than 90% of our business is from repeat clientele. One of our favorite parts of our business is establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients. We’re quite proud that, when they need something done, they come back to us again and again. 

A Firm that Won’t Rest on Its Laurels 

Sure, we’ve been around for 65 years, but it’s not like we’ve slowed down. If anything, we’re working more now than ever before. Indeed, we design an average of more than $300 million in construction every year. However, that said, just because we’re very busy doesn’t mean that we’re unable to bring in new clients. On the contrary: we’re always glad to sit down with new prospective clients and see how we can help them to bring their projects to life. 

A Resume with Range 

At RBB Architects, we have probably designed more healthcare architecture than other kinds. That said, we’re by no means limited to just healthcare architects. Quite the opposite: we’ve made many different kinds of structures over the years. Yes, healthcare might make up the majority of it, but we also have successfully completed so many master planning projects,s higher education ones, laboratories and more. Whether your project involves healthcare, a building similar to the ones just mentioned, or something else, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Architecture That Looks Towards the Future 

In the last so many years, it’s been great to see so many take environmental concerns seriously. We’ve always done our part to ensure that our buildings are “green,” and are an asset to the environment and not a hindrance. Those are just some of the reasons that we’re so proud to have been ranked in ENR’s Top 100 Green Building Design Firms. While we’re designing better buildings, it’s heartening to know that we’re helping to build a better environment, too. To see how we can help you, just give us a call at (310) 473-3555.