Why You Should Rent a Studio Space

There can be many reasons why you may want to rent out a studio space for your photography or cinematography work. This may be because the thought of using a real studio adds more excitement to your work and puts you in the ‘director’s chair’ allowing you to take control of your day. You may have been in a studio for professional lessons or paid workshops but going the full mile of renting out a studio may be a new concept to you or one that you have only thought of in passing. However, setting aside your feelings of nervousness or pressure at using a professional setting such as a studio, there are plenty of benefits and reasons why you should seriously consider renting one for your work.

rent a studio space

Why Do I Need a Studio?

One of the main reasons why you should consider taking the time to work in a studio is that the ball is in your court. This is especially true when it comes to how you can shape and control the amount and quality of light that is being used during your shoot. The use of studio lights is also a great way to take an average camera and creating detailed and sharp images with the use of the light. It’s also great if you are limited in equipment. While some of us have the privilege and pleasure to own our own professional light set up and other tools of the trade, there are those of us who do not have those items. When it comes to renting a studio space you will be rented those things that might be missing. It could be your means of reaching that next level of craftsmanship in your professional trade. So while you may not be financially ready to drop big bucks on the equipment you can test your knowledge and continue your education by renting a studio that provides those things.

It’s More Comfortable

If you are used to working outside or finding locations to shoot you may also be used to having to procure your own amenities. If you want to work in comfort with professional equipment you want to rent a studio space to do so. Finding bathrooms, food and other necessities when you are out and about shooting can be a real pain if you aren’t prepared. When you rent a studio you access to bathrooms, comfortable quarters and usually close at hand businesses to eat/drink. Mack Sennett Studios includes a kitchen area for you to prep your food or keep in cool. You also have access to a dressing room. On the other hand, working outdoors might mean hot and sticky conditions, no refuge from the conditions and being interrupted during your work to find the things you need (restroom, food, an outlet to charge your phone, etc.). Renting a studio for the day means a day uninterrupted!

When looking for a place to work on your craft look no further than Mack Sennett Studios. We have three different stages to prepare your models, keep yourself fed and create photographs and videos with unique and professional backdrops. Call us today to learn more about how and when you can schedule a studio session: (323) 660 8466