What Pet Snakes Should You Get As A Beginner?

Pet Snakes

Experts at Painted Reptile would usually receive a question about the ideal pet snakes for beginners who are just learning about this hobby. Snakes are the most popular reptiles that are kept as a pet. If you go to a reptile show, most of the animals there are in the legless kind. That’s because snakes are great pets, even for beginners. Depending on the species, snakes can be outgoing or secretive. Most of them are easy to take care for. If you are still new to this hobby or you want to add a new snake to your collection, you can go for California Kingsnake, Ball Python, or Corn Snake.

California Kingsnake is considered as a king because of its capacity to kill and eat other snakes. This species is popular in a trade show and the wild. It is a popular snake to be kept as a pet because it is easy to take care of it although it can be a bit nippy if you do not know how to handle it. When it is in the wild, it can be an opportunistic feeder as it can hunt down and eat other snakes, such as venomous snakes.What is great about this species is that it does not grow too large so you can easily house it in a 20-gallon cage.

Besides California Kingsnakes, ball python is also an ideal snake for beginners. It is one of the most popular snakes because it is naturally shy and it can morph several times. As long as you know how to handle and take care of it well, it is not difficult to keep it as a pet. Because it is native to Africa, it requires some humidity if you place it in a cage. Although it is not a giant snake, it is heavy-bodied. If you have a female ball python, you can expect it to grow up to five feet in length. Males can grow as large as three feet.

The corn snake is also a popular pet snake because it is relatively docile and it is easy to handle. Because of its demeanor and availability, it is still one of the most favorite pet snakes. It does not grow too big. It also does not require a big cage. Furthermore, it is easy to breed. As for lighting, it does not need special lights. Plus, it can live for a very long time. Even if it lives for ten years, it can stay active. If you are ready to have a pet snake or want to know more about how to take care of pet snakes, please visit Painted Reptile at https://www.paintedreptile.com