What a Top Architect Design Firm Brings

If you’ve never hired an architecture design firm before, or you haven’t done so in a long time, it can be a tricky process. There are so many firms out there, each with seemingly-high qualifications and compelling reasons as to why you should hire them. Finding the right firm for your project shouldn’t feel like it takes just as long as it would to complete your project. Here at RBB Architects Inc., our firm has completed all different kinds of projects all across America. Now, we can get to work on your project, so that it meets and exceeds all your expectations.

Architect Design Firm with Experience

architecture design firm

Our firm has been designing projects for 65 years. In the more than six and a half decades that our architecture firm has been helping people, we’ve designed quite a few projects. Moreover, we’ve made sure that they’ve been successfully completed, too. We’ve successfully completed more than ten thousand different projects all throughout the United States as well as overseas. Those projects have included practically everything: master planning projects, higher-education facilities, laboratories, healthcare facilities, and more. We could probably save space in this blog if we listed all the different kinds of facilities we’ve haven’t made over the last 65 years.

Continually Working

There are some companies that will say something like: “we’ve been around a long period of time,” as a way to cover that they haven’t been working as much recently. The opposite is true here at RBB Architects Inc. We’re as busy as we’ve ever been since 1952. In fact, we design an average of over $300 million in construction annually to this very day. As you read this, we’re currently designing high-profile projects. This is important because it shows that we’re not just “resting on our laurels,” or content to get by just on our resume. We know what’s demanded of design projects in 2019, and not just 1979. We’re able to design projects for the modern day that will stand the test of time just as durable as our past ones have.

Don’t Take our Word for it: Take our Clients

Of all the facets of our company we’re proud of, the fact that 90% of our business comes from repeat clientele is towards the top. The clients we work with are well-funded and connected. They could choose to have essentially any design firm in the world to work on their projects. Yet, they chose us initially and then, after seeing our work, continued to bring us in for more. We don’t take this for granted, of course, as we work closely with our clients on their tenth project as we did on their first.

Connect with Our Firm

At RBB, we’re always looking for new projects to help people. Between healthcare facilities, higher-education ones, laboratories and more, we take great pride in how our buildings have been able to help others. To set up an initial consultation, call us at (310) 473-3555.