How Voice Search Optimization Works?

How people search for information today is different from how they searched for it online yesterday. More and more individuals are using voice search using their smartphone, tablets and voice assistants when they find details on the Internet.

For example, iPhone users can use Siri while Android users can utilize Google voice search. More than 60 percent of searches are performed on a mobile device. And more and more people are using their voice to search, rather than typing words on their tiny screens.

That said, SEO professionals and website owners must re-think about their content and how they approach SEO. Search by voice is hot among SEO professionals. And you must start implementing ways to take advantage of it. Else, you’ll be at a competitive disadvantage.

Who uses voice technology?

Teens and adults are already using voice technology every day. Adults, for example, use it to dictate texts, so they don’t have to type on their small devices. Teenagers, on the other hand, use it to find help with their homework.

Personal digital assistants are included on smartphones. As people adapt to voice commands, they’ll continue to use personal assistant devices. This will translate to organic search. It’s the same for B2B marketers because everyone will use it soon because of the technology’s ease of use.

Now, the main question is how you can optimize your site for voice search?

Voice Search Optimization

Unlike the search keyword phrases, voice search is more natural in tone. It’s also typically used on mobile and locally focused.

So, when a person travels to a particular place, his smartphone knows where he is physically located. If he searched for the nearest restaurant using his phone, the search results would include all restaurants near his physical location.

Since voice search is more conversational, voice search queries are longer.

When implementing ways on how to take advantage of voice search optimization, make sure to remember that the purpose of this technology is to provide users with the best results while they’re on the go.

One way to optimize this technology is to verify and claim your Google My Business listing. It’s Google’s way to know more about your business, like your phone number, address and business hours.

After claiming your Google My Business listing, make sure to update it regularly. Keep in mind that voice searchers are always local. Up-to-date information can help in increasing your company’s chances of showing up during a voice search related to your local business.

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