5 Simple Ways to Utilize a Blog to Improve SEO Presence

Having a blog is a must these days, with all the information flowing through the corridors of the internet. This begs the evolution of marketing, its transfer to an all-online form. Marketing is about content, first and foremost, but there are other areas which require regular maintenance. Perhaps the most important one is a consistent effort to allow your content to be seen on search engines. Hence, we arrive at the steps of Search Engine Optimization, or as we like to call it – SEO. Maintaining and to improve SEO presence requires some effort, but the resources are always there. Within your blog itself, you can muster the necessary resources to attract more customers and forge a new reality with your ideas. Let’s see how!

5 Steps to utilize a blog to improve SEO presence

  1. Create an enticing name for your blog

The title of your blog is the first detail that your customers get into contact with. It’s the representative of your entire brand, your ideas, and your plan. Of course, chances are that there are already dozens of blogs in your area of expertise. Therefore, originality is a futile goal to chase, as well as phonetic perfection within the name. Your aim, in this case, are – keywords.

If your blog contains the necessary keywords in the title, its SEO ranking will skyrocket. If you can’t find a way to add all the keywords into the tile, just put them in the page title and you’ll be okay.

  1. Target a specific audience with your posts

Before actually posting something, ask yourself – who will be reading this? This thought begins the process of entering the customers’ minds. In this crusade of yours, you should strive to make the content as enticing as possible to people to whom its aimed at.

This requires a substantial amount of knowledge about permanent trends, current trends, and hot topics. If you’re doing a tutorial article, make sure you are subtly add keywords and insert a section about a hot topic.

improve SEO presence

URL Structure, Content and Social Media

  1. Have an effective URL structure

URL may just seem like an irrelevant part of many marketing schemes, but they hold importance as well. People are less likely to click on URLs that are long, incomprehensible and a nuisance to the senses. Instead of opting for a long, tiring URL, try inserting just a few keywords into it. It’s the most SEO-friendly move you can make.

  1. Optimize your content

When you’re competing for a good SEO ranking, it’s important your content gets constantly updated and always becomes better. This means inserting links, images, meta descriptions and other crucial elements. Google loves websites that constantly take care of their content.

  1. Capitalize on social media

People love to share their endeavors, affinities, and opinions online. Therefore, you should tailor-make your content to be ideal for sharing online. Google’s algorithms favor social media involvement and interaction with other, new visitors. The more sides your visitors come from, the higher your SEO ranking will be.

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