Using Makeup for Your Freckles

If you are one of the many people that are not naturally blessed with the cute freckles you see on your friends, your favorite models and starlets on TV and the Internet, you have probably sought out ways that you can create the look yourself. Methods exist for you to create faux freckles, but you do need to be careful about what you choose to use and how you go about it. A conventional method involves using makeup for freckles, but this method is far from foolproof and may not be the best answer for you.

Going the Makeup Route

You will find all kinds of suggestions in magazine and Internet articles as well as videos that will show you how to use your common makeup items to make faux freckles. Many involve the use of your pencil or mascara, but you will find some that use other makeup items as well. The biggest problem with these methods is that the makeup used is not intended nor designed to make freckles so what you end up with is something that does not look real at all. Even if you blend the dots in with your blush or foundation, you will end up with something that is easy to spot as fake.


A Better Alternative to Makeup

There is a better alternative than using your makeup for freckles. At Freck, they have crafted a unique product that is specifically made to help you create faux freckles. Their product allows you to have cute freckles that look entirely natural. The application is easy to perform, and you can blend Freck with your foundation or just leave it on by itself to get the great look that you desire.

make up for freckles

Freckles You Will Love

When you use their product at Freck, you can forget about trying to apply makeup for freckles and get the realistic, natural look you want. Look at their website so you can see more about their product and the other skin care products we offer. Additionally, you can read all the positive reviews Freck has received from customers. For any inquiries, just give them a call at (213) 632-6977, or send them an email to You can place an order for yourself and have it in your hands quickly so that you have the easy way to craft freckles for your body whenever you want them.