Understanding NFL Spreads Betting

You have seen friends of yours do well weekend after weekend betting on NFL games, and you would love to get in on the action. As much as you want to do some betting, you are reluctant to get into it. Or know what the spread is, and how to understand it. Knowing about the spread is important if you want to make informed decisions regarding your bets. And ultimately have them come out in your favor. Understanding the basics of NFL spreads betting will point you in the right direction to make successful bets.

Learning about the Spreads

The spreads will help tell you who is the favorite in a game and who is considered the underdog. The spread lines are the point differentials that go in one way or the other in favor of one team. For example, say Seattle is playing Dallas in Dallas this weekend. The current spread may show Seattle -3 over Dallas. This means that Seattle is favored to win over Dallas and that three points are given up to Dallas in the bet. If you decide to take Dallas and the final score is still a 17-16 win for Seattle, you can still win the bet because you have an additional three points added to your score, making the score 19- 17 in your favor.

NFL spreads betting

What Goes into the Spreads

Many factors go into determining the NFL spreads and betting lines that you find. You may even find different spreads from different Internet sites for the same game. Sites determine spreads based on who the home and visiting teams are, what players may or may not play. Or the weather, the current winning or losing trends of the teams involved, and more. The more analysis that you can perform regarding the games you want to bet on, the more accurate bet you can make using the spread.

Winning Information on the Spreads

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