When Should You Prune? Where to Find Tree Pruning Services.

Tree pruning services

Tree pruning is vital to maintaining the beauty of the tree and safety of your property. But a lot of homeowners don’t know when is the right time to acquire tree pruning services. It really depends on the reason you want to prune it. According to the professionals at the Your Way Tree Service, light pruning and the elimination of dead wood can be easily done anytime.

How About Winter Pruning?

The most common practice is to prune during dormancy. The reason for this is that it will result in a new growth during spring time. However, you might want to wait until winter or the coldest part of the year. One of its reasons is that some tree species bleed when their sap start to flow. Summer pruning is also ideal to slow down the growth of the tree branches. It is fitting if you want to make your tree dwarf of a tree or branch. The slowing effect reduces the total leaf surface. As a result, it reduces the amount of food being manufactured and sent to the roots. Tree experts prune in the summer as a corrective method. During this time, broken limbs and limbs that hang down can be seen easily. So, they are easy to prune or remove.

Enhancing Flowering

If your goal of pruning the tree is to enhance its flowering ability, make sure to prune it when its flowers fade. Now, if the tree that flowers in the middle or late summer, you should prune in early spring or winter.

When Not To Prune

Fall is not the best time to prune your trees. The reason for this is that decay fungi can easily spread during this time. Furthermore, healing of tree wounds becomes slower at this season. That said, it is best to leave your pruning tools in storage.

Tree Prunning Service

Why Should You Consider Hiring A Tree Service?

Pruning small branches of a tree is not risky. However, if you need to deal with large chunks of branches, it might be best to leave it to the professionals at Your Way Tree Service Inc. The company offers a wide range of tree pruning services. It also adds aesthetic charm to your property. Because tree pruning or trimming is a job that requires extensive technical knowledge, it is best that the professionals handle it. Hiring the best tree experts in Los Angeles is the best way to avoid accidents that could hurt anyone in your property.