Thunderstorm Season is Right Around the Corner

Thunderstorm Season is Right Around the Corner

It is important to note that thunderstorm season is right around the corner. While the threat of thunderstorms can happen at any time during the year, as the weather starts to turn warmer on a more regular basis, there is a heightened possibility of severe storms occurring. The humidity and heat, combined with weather patterns, can create very volatile situations. When storms like this occur, you can experience a wide variety of electrical problems and issues. Taking some proper steps and precautions before the season kicks into full gear can save you from problems or even catastrophes when a storm strikes.

Steps You Can Take

There are several things that you can do both before a storm, or when a storm first gets underway, that can help protect you, your family and your home. Consider the following steps:

  • Unplug Electrical Equipment – To avoid potential surges and power issues if there is a lightning strike, it is a good idea to unplug sensitive electrical equipment before the storm arrives. Items like computers, televisions and even major appliances can be at risk for shorting out during a storm.
  • Invest in a Generator – With so many storms taking place in recent years that have been severe enough where people are without power for days or even weeks, more people are looking into purchasing generators so that they can supply power to parts of their home when they need it. There are many different types of generators available today, and you can speak to a local electrical contractor or residential electrician like Hoffer Electric to see what may be best for your home.
  • Get a Home Inspection – If you live in an area that regularly experiences severe storms this time of year, it might be a good idea to talk to a local electrician and get a home inspection performed. An electrician can come in and check the power in your home, the outlets, your circuit panel, and the wiring to make sure you are properly prepared and that your home will be safe during a storm. The electrician can also make suggestions to you regarding things you can do during a storm, what to do if electrical equipment or appliances get wet, what to do about downed power lines, and more.

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Preparation Makes a Difference

It is never a bad thing to be prepared for severe weather. Check over the electrical work within your home; create a plan with the entire family about what to do and perhaps even prepare an emergency kit to have in your home in case the power goes out for a prolonged period so that you are ready for any situation that comes along. This preparation can go a long way in helping keep everyone safe and protecting your property.

Thunderstorm Season is Right Around the Corner