Things You Didn’t Know About Red Carpet Insoles

You are far from alone when it comes to your love of high-heeled shoes. Millions of women all over the

world feel the same way that you do and the marketplace only seems to be growing with designers and

shoe companies. You love the way high heels can make your legs look and they can add the little bit of

extra style to any outfit that you wear. The only problem you may have with heels is that they can be

dreadfully uncomfortable. Sure they look great but if they are so uncomfortable that you cannot wear

them then they are not worth your investment. To achieve better comfort in heels you may want to

think about what you can add to them to help. Red Carpet Insoles can be just what you are looking for and there are

a few things you may not be aware of that you should know so you can be sure you buy the right ones.

luxury shoe insoles

Materials Matter in Red Carpet Insoles 

If you take a look at some of what is being sold today in terms of items that can provide you with better

comfort for your heels you will find all kinds of different orthotic options in a variety of materials. Some

are made from a combination of silicon and gel, promising to provide you with greater comfort and

cushioning for your feet. Others are actually made out of latex and make the same claims. The problem

is that either of these options is not going to wear very well for you. They typically do not last very long

and can become uncomfortable on their own and neither looks particularly attractive in your shoes.


There are Better Choices

What you may be unaware of is that there is a better option in the marketplace today where insoles are

concerned. You want something that has been designed with the help of expert podiatrists and shoe

designers that have safety, comfort and style all in mind. You want a design that is going to give you

long-lasting comfort for your feet so you do not feel like you have to take your shoes off after an hour of



The answer to your quest lies in what Red Carpet-Paris has to offer. They have created insoles that are

up to the task and give you everything you are looking for – comfort, support and a great look. Head

over to so you can take a look at what is available so you can find something

that really works for you.