The Importance of Tree Trimming in Los Angeles Area

Tree trimming in Los Angeles is an important task that you should perform regularly. This task is essential for the growth of the tree and to prevent damaging your property.

Rules and regulations when trimming a tree

In Los Angeles, removing a tree on a private property doesn’t require a permit. But it’s considered unlawful to trim, cut, prune or destroy any tree found in a public property. Any person or an organization found to be violating the law will be charged for a misdemeanor.

Reasons to TrimTree Trimming

One of the reasons tree trimming is necessary is of aesthetics. Pruning it will maintain the tree’s shape and appearance.

It’s also for safety reason. Remember that dead or broken branches can easily fall off any time. This can be a serious safety hazard. If some of the tree limbs are growing too close to the power lines, you should not attempt to cut them by yourself. Instead, contact Your Way Tree Service Inc. to handle the issue for you.

The health of a tree can be maintained if some of its branches have been infected by a certain disease. You can do so through strategic pruning of affected branches and limbs.

When is the best time to trim your tree?

Tree trimming is best during the dormant season. Even though you can do it any time, it’s ideal that you trim it when it’s inactive. The only exception is that when it is already causing a hazard.

When you do trim the tree’s branches, make sure that you only remove weak and narrow angles. You must retain branches that are strong with U-shaped angles. It’s also ideal that you prune away the branches while they’re still young. The reason for this is that they’re easier to manage at this point. Then, the risk of leaving scars is lower.

How much will it cost?Tree Trimming

The cost of tree trimming in Los Angeles will depend on a variety of factors. Even if the cost is slightly higher than your budget, you should still consider it for your safety and to keep the beauty of your landscape.

By trimming the branches regularly, you’re removing those dead or broken limbs that may damage your property or your neighbor’s. This practice will also keep your tree healthy and beautiful.

If you have questions about tree trimming Los Angeles, call the experts from Your Way Tree Service, Inc. at 1-818-882-2335.