Start Your Office Life with a Commercial Lease Agreement

When you want to invest money in a commercial office, either as the start-up to a small business or as an investment in your company, you may not be able to afford the full cost of buying your own office space. Instead, you may decide that the best way to begin your own company office is to rent out property in a leased commercial building. The right space and the perfect size office can be yours, but you need to pay close attention to the commercial lease agreement that will set out your rights to the office space.

Commercial Lease Agreement

Getting a Practical Agreement

A commercial lease agreement involves agreeing to the use of a particular space for the purposes of business, and confirming the amount which will be paid as rent. The parties, both the lessor of the property and the lessee must enter into this agreement before the property can be used. The agreement will detail the space of the property, boundaries and address details, and will also have clauses which will calculate the cost of the office property per annum. There will also be other agreements in the document, describing the rights of the lessee and of the lessor such as when the landlord may into the property, or the rights to use parking spaces on the property.

Understanding Different Commercial Agreements

As there are two main types of commercial lease, described as the net and the gross lease, is important that you understand what you are agreeing to. A net lease involves the payment of additional amounts alongside rental payments, such as utilities and insurance. A gross lease will be used where there are multi-lease spaces within the property, and specifies that the agreement involves rent payments only.

We Can Help You Get the Perfect Lease

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