Six Simple Maintenance Tips for Classic Cars

Although it is just about every man’s dream is to buy a classic car or two, there is the maintenance to consider. Maintaining a classic is not anything like taking care of your modern everyday go-to-work- car. They need an extra little bit of TLC if you want them to last and grace your garage for a couple of years. After all, you want to show off your prized possession, not hide it away.

Regular cleaning – A dirty classic car does not exactly say priceless. Apart from the appeal that a shiny classic offer, keeping them spotless preserves them as well. Grime and other impurities tend to become a permanent stained fixture if it’s not cleaned properly.

Brake pumping

Apart from dirt, there aren’t many other things that are as off-putting as squealing brakes. You might as well announce that the car is headed for the junkyard if you allow your classic’s brakes to squeal. Instead, to keep your brakes smooth and silent, pump them as often as you can. This will ensure that when you pull up to a robot, you will get the admiring looks that the car deserves.

classic car

Regular Checks

Any car enthusiast who owns a classic, probably does the maintenance personally. Although you might feel that no one knows your baby as good as yourself, it never hurts to get a second opinion. A qualified mechanic might catch a small niggle that you could have missed. Besides, these guys are connected and can find spare parts that might be difficult to track down otherwise.


Put on the covers

Natural elements are not your car’s friend. Wind, sun, and rain are your classic’s main enemies. If you leave it exposed to rain for a prolonged period of time, you just speed up the rusting process. Wind can blow objects onto your car and cause scratches and then there is the sun. Do yourself a favor and invest in a proper cover if your car is outdoors, or park it in the garage to keep your car protected.


Check fluids

To get the best performance out of your classic, you need to keep it lubed up. Changing your oil every 1000 miles or so will go a long way in preserving the engine. Transmission, the differential and cooling systems also need to be checked at regular intervals. You really can’t overdo fluid checks.


The best thing to do is buy a classic car you can actually drive it around.  Incidentally, this is also good for your car. When you let it stand for too long, gravity does its thing and pulls all the lubricating fluids to the bottom of your engine. When you drive regularly, the lubricants don’t have a chance to flow down, and you keep every moving part of the engine coated. You’ll also never know if something needs to be checked if you don’t take it for a spin