5 Easy-to-Miss SEO Optimization Mistakes Blogs Make

The first and hardest step towards success is having great content on your blog. Most blogs never survive long enough to traverse this barrier and end up fading into irrelevance. If you have great content, then congratulations – you are one of the few bloggers who has accomplished that. However, good content simply doesn’t cut it. It’s not enough to have good content, you need to know what to do with it. Therefore, it’s necessary to carry out every step of the SEO optimization journey to perfection. That way, you will be able to optimize your content for a better ranking. Let’s look exactly at how to avoid an SEO optimization mistakes blogs make.

SEO Optimization Mistakes

  1. Unoptimized keywords

Keyword research is something that precedes all successful posts. To see what might become successful, you must conduct research using existing posts from competitors. Many bloggers fail to optimize the keywords.

They either don’t care about them or they overdo them and drive actual visitors away using the bad content. Decide which keywords the best suit your product and insert them at a natural rate, wherever you can.

  1. Bad internal links

Many experts rave about the importance of backlinks, but we would like to focus on something else – internal links. SEO rankings usually plummet for blogs that don’t have a lot of internal links. Try mentioning one other blog post at some part of every new post.

That way, you will create chain links and distribute internal link authority throughout your website. This also creates the effect of your entire website being interconnected, which feels even better when someone is reading. Every SEO optimization should be oriented towards actual readers as well.

  1. Poor text structure

SEO favors medium-sized paragraphs with sub-headings coming after every two or three paragraphs. This method is also good for enticing readers to continue down the article. Some blogs refuse to abide by there rules and fil their page with content that is simply unintelligible.

This trend hurts the overall success of many blogs that have wonderful things to share with their readers. Just by formatting your text a bit, you can achieve remarkable results. It’s simple and requires minimal effort.

SEO optimization mistakes

Images, Videos, and Poor Content

  1. Unoptimized images and videos

Many bloggers choose to ignore the notion of image and video optimization. Bad formats and ill-fitting sizes can deteriorate the load time of the site, which can cause it to plummet in the SEO rankings. Every image on your website should be in .jpg, with only vector images being the exception – they are to in the .png format.

Video files should also be hosted from a single folder, this allows the search engine to index your videos and improve loading time drastically.

  1. Poor content promotion

This mistake simply has no excuse. No matter how brilliant your content is and no matter how hard you’ve worked for it, you have to earn your success. Nobody will come out of the woodworks and start fighting to read your content. To have a successful blog, you have to invest effort in allowing people to see your content.

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