Relationship Counseling in Los Angeles

Relationships are tough at times, especially during a pandemic when our daily lives have changed drastically, causing stress and a high level of uncertainty that nobody knew would be coming. If you and your partner are facing obstacles and believe relationship counseling in Los Angeles is your next step to becoming healthier and happier, Doctor Yvonne Thomas is ready to work with you.

relationship counseling in Los Angeles

Experienced Psychologists In Los Angeles

Doctor Thomas has 20 years of experience in psychotherapy, working not just with couples on their relationship, but individuals seeking help in any area of their lives. From eating disorders to coping with the loss of a loved one to those seeking better relationships with their coworkers, Doctor Thomas is here to work with you through any of life’s obstacles. 

Seeking out relationship counseling can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you aren’t sure what counseling is like or what exactly you’re looking to accomplish. You know you and your partner have disagreements or just have been in a funk recently, yet taking the next step to sort through these issues is hard to wrap your head around. That’s why Doctor Thomas is here to answer any questions you may have before attending a session. She can give you a good idea of what your first session will be like along with tools and techniques to help you and your partner make progress in between sessions. 

Thriving, Not Just Coping, with Relationship Therapy

Learning patience and acceptance of yourself and your partner is a huge part of any relationship and is absolutely a necessity for long term relationships. When it comes to counseling, you or your partner may feel warier of talking to someone about your obstacles, even with a professional. Doctor Thomas prides herself on making every patient know that they are in a judgment-free zone and will always give equal attention to both of you. Movies and television have a tendency to portray relationship counseling as a place where only the female’s feelings and issues are validated but in reality, this isn’t the case. Doctor Thomas is here to bring couples closer together by giving each person the opportunity to express themselves and validate their feelings. 

Relationship counseling will no doubt take dedication and an open mind. You will learn things about yourself and your partner that might be hard to handle or accept but these are the steps forward in a relationship. Once you start seeing results and a deeper connection with your partner, it will all feel so worth it. Contacting Doctor Thomas to see if her services are right for you and your partner is the next step for a healthier, happier relationship. She offers free, 15-minute phone consultations for relationship counseling in Los Angeles, so don’t hesitate to call her today: 310.359.9450.