Psychologist in West Los Angeles Explains How Long to Mourn

Grief is a normal way to respond to a loss. There are various reasons why people grieve. It could be that you have lost your parents or your partner. Whatever the reason is, grieving is okay. However, if you think that you are feeling depressed, it might be time for you to seek the help of a psychologist in West Los Angeles. 

psychologist in West Los Angeles

People experience grief not just because they lost someone but they also experience it after learning that someone they love is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. You may also grieve the plans you made. 

Psychologist in West Angeles: How Long is Too Long to Mourn 

There is no set timetable on how long you can mourn. How you grieve will be different from how other people grieve. The process will depend on various factors, like your age, beliefs and support network. The type of loss can also affect how you mourn. 

You may grieve longer and harder over the death of a loved one than when you end a relationship. 

If grief is normal, why see a therapist? You may ask. 

Grieving is normal, as mentioned earlier. However, if it does not get better after a year, you need to talk to Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. It is especially true if you find it difficult to keep your normal routine, such as cleaning the house or working. 

You should also seek a therapist’s help when you feel depressed or you have thoughts of harming yourself. By talking to someone who understands you but who does not judge, what you feel inside will be released. 

Sometimes, to end your grieving, you need to let go of your emotional burden by talking to someone, like a psychologist. 

Getting professional help is necessary as a psychologist can help you discover and explore your emotions. Dr. Yvonne will teach you many ways to control and manage your grief. If you are feeling depressed, she may recommend you to meditate as it can help with grieving. 

When you need to come to terms with a loss, you should give yourself time. You must accept the fact that grieving is a process and it takes a while for you to get over it. 

Apart from a psychologist, you also need to talk to others, like your friends and family. Never isolate yourself as it will only increase your anxiety and depression. 

It is also ideal that you take care of yourself by exercising regularly and eating healthy food. These habits will get you the right energy to cope with the loss and to manage your daily activities. 

You should also get back to the activities that can bring joy to your life. If you like swimming, then you should go back to it. 

Yvonne Thomas may also recommend that you join a support group so you can speak with others who are in the same situation as you. 

Talking to a psychologist in West Los Angeles is beneficial even if you just lost someone. Do not wait for too long to call Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D. The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to resolve your grief. Call us at (310) 359-9450 to schedule an appointment.