Will my Organic SEO Rankings Suffer if I Don’t Have a Blog?

A blog isn’t merely a means of self-promotion, it’s much more than that. Think of it as an investment that might aid you in the long run. Many brand owners and entrepreneurs deem the notion of having high organic SEO rankings enticing but can’t seem to muster the resources for a blog. They think it’s too time-consuming and doesn’t allow for much maneuvering. When your budget is tight during a period, it sure is tempting to pump in more money into your paid campaigns. Sure, you see which ads gross the highest amount of money and which ones you should abandon. But, having a blog is much more than revenue and rankings – it’s your window to the world. Let’s see why having a blog might change your business forever.

Organic SEO Rankings

Why have a blog?

To be able to assert yourself to a wider audience, a blog is needed to cover all the possible entry points for customers. Having a blog allows you to establish an organic ranking – a position in Google’s search engine.

The more relevant and visited your blog is, the easier will it be for people to notice it. There are several algorithms that decide which websites deserve a better ranking and which not.

If you only have a representative, one-page website, you are stripping yourself of the opportunity to achieve new heights in terms of Organic SEO ranking.

Blogs update their content constantly and there are reasons for people to return to this aforementioned blog. Websites are only a one-time dose of information. Therefore, having a blog is important – it always attracts visitors.

organic SEO rankings

SEO in Marketing and Brand Promotion

The role of SEO in marketing

PPC or Pay Per Click ads are awesome, they give you exactly the number of clicks that you paid for. But, they have one big flaw – they don’t instill trust in people. Usually, someone will brush off an ad because they don’t have trust in content that is there because someone simply paid for it. It doesn’t guarantee that the customer will get everything that he wanted.

SEO is important because it uses a bunch of parameters to make a website rise above other, similar websites. Loading time, content quality, keyword placement, reviews, average time spent on the site – these are all very important parameters that can help a blog rise above others.

Thus, when people see a blog ranking high on the first page, they will simply know that it has some qualities.

Promoting your brand through the depth of content

SEO is important because it focuses more on the ethical part of a business, the content itself. It has more of a people-oriented modus operandi, in comparison to PPC. SEO is used to mainly promote content, which is again, just a stepping stone towards more revenue.

PPC is straight-up oriented towards revenue and people have distrust in companies that are openly directed towards this type of business. SEO promotes content, builds trust, and most importantly – it’s free!

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