Marijuana Legalization – Will It Help In Combatting Opioid Addiction?

Opioid addiction is increasingly difficult to resolve as it takes thousands of lives. There’s an alarming increase in the deaths because of opioids. The number of deaths is rising, and this trend will continue. Luxury drug rehabilitation centres provide a good alternative to fight this problem.

But how should we put an end to those thousands who died because of it?

The answer could be more straightforward than what everyone has ever imagined. In a recently published study, it found that patients who are using medical marijuana are less likely to use opioids.

The study found that individuals who are using prescribed medical marijuana experienced a reduction in opioid use over a 21-month period.

Opioids can be habit-forming. However, marijuana does not have scientific proof that it could lead to addiction. Furthermore, there are no data that show instances of deaths related to marijuana. Opioids, on the other hand, have already claimed more than 33,000 Americans in 2015 alone.

Moreover, researchers also found that the use of medical marijuana to manage pain could result in a significant increase in quality of life. In fact, 65 percent of those patients reported experiencing great benefits.

Marijuana Legalization - Will It Help In Combatting Opioid Addiction

But not all abusers of opioid would likely to benefit from medical marijuana. It is also important to note that many patients acquired these drugs illegally. Even if you take opioid prescription temporarily, it might still be habit-forming. As a result, users would seek alternative ways to fix their pain issues.

Legalizing medical marijuana might put a dent in the opioid crisis and plague the nation. Currently, it is a Schedule I drug that’s in the same category as heroin and bath salts.

It still an uphill battle. A lot of people oppose its legalization. We’ll never know whether or not it will help in combatting opioid addiction until it becomes legal.

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