Maple Tree Pruning

It can be scheduled in the spring. However, the best months are the time after the leaves appear. Pruning in spring or winter can bleed the sap. If the juice runs out, it will not harm the tree. However, its outcome is not very pretty. For that reason, it is vital that you prune it in late spring.

How To Prune Maple Trees?

The general rule is not to cut more than 15 percent of the tree within 12 months. However, other experts are saying that it is better to trim a little bit of the tree every year than to thin a lot in one year.

In pruning, you may remove small twigs that are coming off the stem of the tree. By eliminating the little branches, the tree will have the opportunity to grow up and provide larger branches.

If you want to do it alone, you can prune the tree using sharpened pruning shears. You should consider pruning up to the trunk. Then, make a cut as close to the tree’s living part as you can.

How To Care For The Pruning Equipment?

After your prune a tree, be it maple or not, you must make sure that you dip the shears into a bucket with bleach and water. Then, rinse it off. Make sure that you dry it before storing it.

It is vital that you soak the equipment in water with bleach to kill bacteria and fungi that adhere to the equipment. If you did not clean it properly, it could infect the next tree that you trim.

Maple Tree Pruning

Some Problems About Pruning Trees

Several issues that may arise after you prune a tree. For example, you may encounter weepy trees. They occur when you prune a tree, and you see that there is a liquid that runs from the spots where you pruned. Do not worry as the liquid is a sap. If you pruned in the early spring, the pruned areas would not heal quicker than when you prune it in the late spring or summer.

How To Prune Maple Trees Near Power Lines

You should never plant trees directly under power lines. However, if the tree was already there when you moved in, it is vital that you call a professional arborist to prune it for you.

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