Just What is Shilajit?

More and more today, people are seeking out natural remedies and options to help them improve their health. So much of the medication that gets prescribed today or sold in your local drug stores or supermarkets contain harsh chemicals, synthetics, or ingredients that can cause a bevy of side effects and health problems for you […]

Advice and Counseling at a Bankruptcy Law Office in Orange County

You know that your life has been spiraling downward financially for a while. It could because of long-term unemployment, mounting medical bills, bad credit card debt, or the mismanagement of your finances. Whatever the reasons are, you find yourself in a precarious predicament now and are unsure how you can get out of it. The […]

How Childhood Trauma Could Be Affecting Your Adulthood

If you find yourself struggling with psychological issues in adulthood, then you may wonder why your psychologist wants you to discuss your childhood. You may not understand what links these two periods of your life, particularly if you are associating stress or emotions with your current life, but at Trauma and Beyond Center, they know […]

Uncover the Cause of Your Long-Term Intimacy Issues

Many people struggle with emotions that they don’t quite understand, and that may be difficult for them to face. When someone comes to us with long-term intimacy issues, which may include them driving away their partners, being unable to talk openly about their feelings, or reacting to a fear of closeness by detaching from those […]

How Therapy for Sexual Trauma in Los Angeles Could Help You

Anyone who has suffered sexual assault or trauma knows that it is an extremely jarring and emotionally challenging event, perhaps one of the most extreme things to happen to anyone, adult or child. In the aftermath of sexual trauma, it is common to have a range of different emotional responses, including guilt and shame and […]