Living in a Playa Vista Real Estate Property. Condo Vs. a Regular Home

When you are in the home buying market there are plenty of residences to look at and much to choose from on the market. You’ll usually have an idea about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’d like and other common selling points. You may be at a stage where you are considering the type of home you want. At Playa Vista Real Estate properties, there are traditional single family homes, town homes, condos and many others. If you’re currently weighing the options of a traditional home and a condo, let’s go over why a condo might be a better-suited purchase for you.

When comparing prices, something you are bound to do when searching for a new place, condos come out on top in contrast of buying a home. When looking at the figures of the National Association of Realtors your median house price was about 240k in early 2018. The median condo price was a whopping $10,000 less at 230k. If you’re looking to save when shopping around for your next home, a condo might be the 10k save that allows you to renovate the bathroom or kitchen to become your perfect space. Also, when shopping for a new place a lower price means a lower down payment and that also means you’ll be spending less on your monthly mortgage.

Another great benefit to choosing a condo over a traditional home is that you won’t be dealing with the annoyance of maintenance or repairs outside. You know plenty of people who spend their time mowing their lawns, pruning their bushes and trees, cleaning gutters, vacuuming pools, shoveling snow or raking leaves. When you own a condo, you don’t have to worry about all that exhausting or expensive work. A traditional homeowner either busts their back to do the work themselves or they shell out the money for a professional outfit to do it for them. Condo owners can worry about relaxing by their pool, hanging out all weekend and leaving the yard work to the Homeowners Association. You just have to pay your HOA dues and enjoy clean, meticulously kept exteriors.

Another reason to choose a condo over a home is that the location is usually better suited. Condos are small communities that are normally located near or close to where everything happens. You will likely find your condo close to shopping and entertainment centers and possibly even closer to work depending on your job. No need to take 45-minute trips into from the suburbs to do something fun in the evenings! You’ll also find that plenty of condos have great amenities like full gyms, courses, pet parks, tennis courts, swimming pools, parks, trails, and even restaurants right outside your front door. If you’re leaning more towards the condo life now you should take a look through their available Playa Vista Real Estate Living properties to find one that it’s your preferred location and price range. If you have any questions call Team Tami today (310) 745-1600 so they can find you the condo of your dreams!

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