Make The Most Out College Football Odds during In-Game Live Betting

Most bettors will place their bets before the game and patiently wait for the end outcome. These are easier to assess and usually contain less variables and outcomes.

In the last decade and a half, online sportsbooks have started offering in-game betting options to explore college football odds of winning using that method. They can be related to totals, spreads, money lines and even props. Time elapsed and the sportsbook are the main factors that determine whether a bet is available.

How to place live bets

Online sportsbooks have a section on their site that usually says “in-play bets.” Once entering the section, you should see how much time is left and what are the odds for each individual bets. What determines the odds and how can you know whether a particular bet can make you rich?

  • The more time there is, the odds will be higher, increasing the chance for you to win. However, this means that you won’t get much money. Let’s take one of the most famous prop bets ever – the Gronk Spike. If you place a live bet on Gronk spiking the ball in the first quarter, you will earn a lot of money if he does because there is a lot of time left.
  • If there are just a few seconds, the odds for something happening is much lower. If the game is tied and Gronk spikes the ball after a Hail Mary touchdown, you will earn a lot of money because the possibility was low.

The changing odds and the key to winning

As the game goes on, the odds change. If one team is a -4.5 favorite and they concede two touchdown in the first quarter, they will likely become -1.5 favorites or even underdogs. Here is where you can earn a lot of money.

Odds makers and odd systems are reactionary, meaning that a series of events can cause the odds to change drastically. Despite there being more time left, it just seems that nothing might change.

Of course, the more a team loses, the bigger underdogs they become. The crazier the bet you place, the more money you get. If there are 10 seconds left and one team is 12 points behind the other, the odds to win are astronomically low. If they do win, you will be rewarded for your crazy prediction.

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How to know if you should place a live bet?

For point spread, ask yourself – does the team have a habit of making a comeback? What about the other team? If the Ravens tend to “choke” in the last quarter, betting against them should bring you all the advantages of live online betting.

Props are the best thing to place live bets on. They have even lower odds in live betting situations and a small investment can give you a hefty sum back.

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