How to Buy Aftermarket Wheels for Mustang?

Modifying your Mustangs can be easily done by consulting the specialists at Project 6GR. To modify it, though, enthusiasts follow two-day builds. On the first day, you get a car and think about the things that you can do to personalize it. And during the brainstorming of ideas on how to personalize it, you will consider the wheels and tires of your Mustang as the starting point. They are the fastest ways to change your car’s appearance. However, choosing aftermarket wheels for mustang is a personal thing.

Look in Magazines or Read Blogs

The best way to determine what Mustang wheels that will look good on your car is to read car magazines. Or you may visit Project 6Gr’s website and browse its list of wheels for Mustang that can be perfect for your car.

Know the Wheels’ Dimension

Before deciding whether or not your Mustang wheels can be personalized, you need to look at their size. Larger-diameter wheels can be easily changed. They are the easiest way to modify the general appearance of your car. It also does not matter whether or not you stay with the same style. The custom wheels at Project 6GR are mostly made for 19” up to 24”. The best-selling Mustang wheel remains to be a six-spoke design. It looks perfect on any kind of Mustang restoration. This kind of design looks good on any Ford Mustang, whether it was built decades ago or the modern units.

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Boosting the rim size will also enhance your car’s look and appearance. If you choose to buy a wider wheel than stock, then it will increase the contact area between the wheel and the road. It is an advantage as it offers better cornering and handling. Most Mustang rims have an eight-inch width. If you are planning to replace your wheels but you wish to have the same rim, then these wheels would be the best options.

Furthermore, if you choose to purchase Mustang wheels with the same size as the original will prevent you from purchasing new tires. Opting for a nine-inch option may require you to purchase new tires. However, they can give you more aggressive look. To get a staggered look, you can opt to have 10-inch rims. For a wider traction pad, choose 10.5-inch rims, rather than 10s. This type of rim will give you the freedom to have a wide tire on the back of your car.


It is one of the issues of customizing your wheels for Mustang. But you can never go wrong with the Wheels for Mustang of Project 6GR. All of them are compatible with any models. If you are in doubt, you may contact the experts at Project 6GR to know more about how compatible its Mustang wheels with your own Mustang.

At Project 6GR, you will find different rims with various colored faces. The multiple colors available will make your rims stand out from the rest. If you are not sure what to get, call Mustang wheels experts at (888) 714-7467.