How Therapy for Sexual Trauma in Los Angeles Could Help You

Anyone who has suffered sexual assault or trauma knows that it is an extremely jarring and emotionally challenging event, perhaps one of the most extreme things to happen to anyone, adult or child. In the aftermath of sexual trauma, it is common to have a range of different emotional responses, including guilt and shame and extending to PTSD. If an adult has been sexually assaulted as a child and has not received therapy, they may carry that trauma throughout their lives. This is why we always recommend intensive psychological treatment for Sexual trauma in Los Angeles.


No Room to Forget

It is not unusual for people to try to ‘Forget’ about the assault, in the guise of putting it behind them or not letting it affect them. While it may seem as though this is the easiest way to resolve sexual trauma in the short term, in the long term you may find that it is increasingly difficult to resolve the emotions and psychological consequences which arise from sexual assault. Attempting to forget may also enhance feelings of guilt and shame, which can have negative consequences in the future.

Trust and Shame

A very natural consequence of sexual trauma is to struggle with trust, and particularly with trusting acquaintances – this is particularly the case where the assailant was a friend or familiar figure in their life. It is natural to feel this lack of trust when you first start to work with a therapist, but we believe that it is a necessary stage in overcoming your trauma. Alongside a lack of trust, you also may have feelings of shame that cause you to be embarrassed about relating your experiences. We emphasize that you are not at fault, and that your assailant should be the one who carries all of the shame.

Overcoming Sexual Trauma with Us

The Trauma and Beyond Center is here to help you with any psychological need, including helping you to resolve your feelings in the aftermath of sexual trauma. Los Angeles clients can come to them whether that trauma occurred recently, or in your childhood. Their experienced therapists can help you to understand what happened, and to resolve your innermost feelings about that event. To seek assistance today with your sexual trauma, call them on (818) 351-3511, or use their online form to request a conversation with their therapists