What Is A Holistic Treatment For Addiction?

Holistic treatment is a form of addiction treatment that focuses on the physical body, mind, spirit and the feelings of the patient. Vogue Recovery Center offers such luxury drug treatment along with other options.

As mentioned, it does not just treat the addiction, but it also considers all aspects of the person’s life to ensure a comprehensive recovery process.

More and more patients are undergoing and seeking natural treatment options. The overall cost of this treatment is almost the same as what you would pay if you would consider medical treatment.

What is included in the holistic healing method?

Detox is one of the options provided in a holistic program. It is vital for most addicts. It is especially true for those individuals who are suffering from certain dependencies. Severe addictions may require a supervised detox and patients are required to stay in a medical facility.

Most addiction treatment center programs include detox after admission. At this phase, you are flushing out the substances from your body that you become dependent on. Here at Vogue, we offer more natural methods for detox, like acupuncture and massage. They can help you become more comfortable in your treatment.

Other natural holistic practices for detox would include meditation, hypnotherapy, nutrition, and mindfulness, among others.

What Is A Holistic Treatment For Addiction


In addition to detox, therapy is also part of a holistic treatment for addiction. As the drugs are gone, you may need other treatment options to help you fully recover. Cognitive Behavioral therapy is one type of therapy that centers on what makes the patient think of getting addicted to a particular drug or alcohol.

CBT is useful especially if you have an underlying mental illness that might have triggered or worsen your addiction. Some undiagnosed condition, like bipolar disorder, could lead a patient to use illegal drugs or alcohol as a way for them to numb their symptoms.

At Vogue Recovery Center, we provide a wide array of treatment options for your addiction. Whether you choose holistic, traditional or other types of treatment, it doesn’t matter as we can provide them all.

We’re ready to help you recover from addiction. Our specialists are waiting for your call to give you a customized treatment plan. Call our number today so you can speak to our admission coordinators. From there, you will know the steps you have to go through to make sober and start living a drug-free life.

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