HMO Provider Funding Can Help Your Practice

While the public automatically assumes that any medical practice must be flush with cash and doing well as the owner or operator of a practice you know the situation to be quite different. There are many expenses that you need to take care of each day to keep your practice afloat, and there always seems to be a constant problem of cash flow because payments can take so long to arrive from insurance providers. While you need to be part of an HMO to meet the needs of patients in your area, getting the money you are entitled to is not always so easy. At a time like this, HMO provider funding supplied at HealthCare Funding Source can be just what you need to help your medical practice.

Dealing with Delays

Very often it may seem like running your practice is a juggling act or a magic show. You need to balance the need to meet your financial obligations, pay bills, meet payroll, buy supplies and more, with the long time it can take for you to get paid from insurance companies and government agencies. Insurers can take three of four months or more to send you payments for services, but that does not change that you need to pay your bills each week. Finding a way to deal with the delays and keep your practice viable and moving forward can be very difficult.

HMO Provider Funding Can Help Your Practice

A Solution for You

The HMO provider funding offered at HealthCare Funding Source can be the solution you are seeking. You will have a unique opportunity of selling your medical receivables to us so that you can get the money you need now. HealthCare Funding Source can take over the outstanding invoices you have with various insurance carriers, so that you do not have to worry about having open invoices for weeks or months at a time. You get the money you need now to keep your practice going well.

Discuss Your Opportunities

You can learn more about the possibilities of HMO provider funding with HealthCare Funding Source when you contact them at their website. Alternatively, you can call them at 844-423-8637 so you can speak with one of their representatives and ask questions, go over your portfolio and receive a free evaluation so you can see how much we can assist you with your practice and the funding you need.