Getting Help with Your Vessel Renewal Application

You just looked at the calendar and saw what the date is. While under most circumstances this may not mean much to you, it just dawned on you that your Certificate of Documentation with the Coast Guard arrived at about this time last year. It may not be a great cause for concern, but then you realize you need to renew your documentation each year and you have not done it yet. Waiting too long can put your documentation in jeopardy of lapsing, causing bigger headaches for you. You know what you need to do, but where do you turn for your vessel renewal application?

Renewal through the Coast Guard

Your first instinct may be to go to the Coast Guard’s website to find the application you need. Of course, the Coast Guard is the agency that handles things of this nature, but you will not find the application directly on their site. You need to go to the National Vessel Documentation Center, a division of the Coast Guard, to find the application you are seeking. You can find the vessel renewal application available on their website, but the problem is you can only download the form there, meaning you need to fill it out and then mail it to the center for processing, meaning it can take who knows how long before it reaches someone.

vessel renewal application
A Faster Path to an Application

There is an easier way for you get your renewal application and submit it to the Coast Guard. Here at Vessel Documentation Online, they offer several services that can help you with submissions to the Coast Guard, including renewals. You will find the application you need listed on their website, and you can fill out the information online, allowing you to submit the document to them directly. They will examine your application to make sure it is correct and then submit the paperwork to the Coast Guard for you, making everything faster and easier for you.

Avoid Application Delays

You can avoid unnecessary delays and complications with your vessel renewal application when you work with Vessel Documentation Online. Look for the application you need here at their website and get started with the process today. You can everything completed and submitted within a matter of minutes, allowing you to rest easy and know your paperwork is on its way to the Coast Guard and your renewal will go through smoothly. Check out their website