Free NFL Sports Picks: Ravens and Patriots

As the NFL news breaks, Tony’s Picks continue to give your free NFL sports picks. As they examined the odds and lines, they predict the Patriots to cover the highest spread in a win over the Dolphins.

The Patriots went to the top of the odds with a 33-3 win over the Steelers. The team will be stronger with Antonio Brown as its wide receiver. He is set to play in Week 2. 

If you picked the Dolphins, though, you will be out of luck. It is one of the worst teams in the NFL when it lost to the Ravens in the first week. 

Free NFL Sports Picks for the Ravens

The Ravens is another favorite. It is rebuilding its defense. But it did make a statement during the first week when it won against the Miami Dolphins. It covered the spread with 42 points. 

The defense was quite impressive. However, the most impressive part of the game was the passing attack. Lamar Jackson, the team’s quarterback, completed 17 passes out of 20 for 324 yards. He also made five touchdowns. Its receiver is a rookie but he was great as he put up an impressive line during the game. 

Kyler Murray had an impressive comeback for Arizona to tie his team against Detroit. 

We also have a strong pick for Eagles. 

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Free NFL Sports Picks

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