Does Insurance Cover Rehab At Your Clinic?

One of the questions that many people ask us when they come to visit our facility is whether they will be able to claim at least some of the money back on their insurance. If you are considering attending one of our inpatient treatment programs, it is important to know if your insurance covers rehab. Before you start looking at cheaper facilities that will certainly be accepted by your insurers, it is worth finding out more about how Summit Estate can be covered by your policy, and what you can do if you don’t get insurance clearance.

Insurance and Summit Estate

Summit Estate is pleased to announce that we work with the majority of PPO insurance policies, including big names such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield, United Health Care, Cigna and Aetna. Even if your policy provider is not listed there, you may still have insurance cover which can be used here. We will gladly take your insurance details so that they can be checked. Once we have verified that you are able to get a full coverage, we can then start the recovery process and treatment programs designed to aid you in overcoming addictions.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab

Other Financial Options

It may be the case that you are no longer insured with your policy provider, or that you have not been able to take out insurance while you are addicted. In this case, you will need to find another way to finance your stay here. Summit Estate works with Prosper HealthCare Lending to provide you with lending options, including an immediate loan of 35,000 with a repayment schedule of 84 months. There is no collateral required, and there are no penalties for early repayment. If you really need to, you can apply for that loan today to get the treatment that you need from our rehab center.

Coming Summit Estate for Rehab

At Summit Estate, they believe that everyone should have the opportunity to attend a rehab program that will work for them. They don’t believe that an addict in pain, struggling to overcome their life-threatening condition, should have to ask questions such as “does my insurance cover rehab?” Instead, they try to work with policy providers and other financial institutions in order to provide you with the best opportunity to attend our treatment courses. If you need assistance in any way, then don’t be afraid to talk to us today on (877) 723-2778, or contact them online now.