Coco Chanel Jewelry History

Coco Chanel

  Coco Chanel believed that the jewelry is only worn not to flaunt wealth but to decorate an ensemble. To challenge what has been the convention, she wore heaps of jewelry during the day. While in the evening, she did not wear any jewelry. Some of her clients wore Chanel collections or creations to impress others without displaying their high-priced jewelry. For Chanel, she considered it disgusting to walk around with millions worth of jewelry around your neck. For that reason, she only wore fake jewelry because it’s more provocative. Because of her lack of desire in replicating precious jewels, her designs defied nature in their use of color and size. And in 1924, she opened her own shop. It was headed by Etienne de Beaumont, who designed the long chains that came with colored stones. The cross-shaped pendants became a signature of her house.

The Byzantine Crosses

Coco Chanel was a big fan of Byzantine crosses. The oversized fake pearls that she loved to wear were an instant success. In 1926, Chanel created a trend involving mismatched earrings. And in 1928, she launched a diamond paste jewelry and gypsy necklaces in 1929. In the 1930s, costume jewelry designers followed the styles and cultures of the House of Chanel. Even though she designed fake jewels, Chanel considered diamonds to be an investment. She also pursued investing in a line of jewelry based on stars, features, and knots. This collection was exhibited in her home in Paris.

Since 1927, Fulco di Santostefano della Cerda started to design jewelry for the House of Chanel. Another great designer who created pieces for her was Christian Berard. Maison Gripoix continued to work for her and make designs. Most notable designs were the romantic floral and the rococo-revival styles. Christian Dior approved the simplicity of her designs. She created a little black dress, cardigan, jewelry and famous perfume, among others. Her success was so great that the majority of products of French exports had her name on it. Unfortunately, many of them were counterfeit. The Byzantine style made in the 1930s has a high value even today. It is included as part of a private collection and major museums in the world.

Coco Chanel

Her Jewelry Designs

One of the best words to describe her jewelry designs is elegance. Although class already existed before her time, no one defined it more than herself. She was even quoted to say that “simplicity is the keynote of all elegance.” Her jewelry collection is still as relevant today as it was before.

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