Anxiety Therapist Los Angeles to Distinguish Anxiety from Anger

Anger may indicate the underlying emotional trigger. When you attend a session with Dr. Yvonne Thomas, an anxiety therapist in Los Angeles, you will have to confront your anger and frustration. Anger and anxiety are related. 

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Anxiety Therapist in Los Angeles to Understand Your Anxiety and Fear 

Anxiety and anger interact with each other. Being anxious causes people to be irritable. Anxiety is a self-created fear. It stems from focusing on the future, rather than the present. Indeed, it makes you feel excited. However, it can be debilitating as you focus on an event that has not happened yet, making you paralyze. 

Anxiety will take you out of the present moment. As a result, you are disconnected from reality. It is not fun because you will believe that bad things will come your way. You are angry because you cannot control the future, of what is to come. 

Because anxiety is just a form of fear, you will struggle to admit that you are afraid. You may be accustomed to ignoring your fear. But fear can weaken you. It surpasses your energy that can lodge in your body. 

But anxiety starts in the mind. It begins as a small story that you believe you do not have, like patience, strength, and confidence. You believe that you have no qualities to be successful. As a result, you stop being proactive. Some of you may stop living. You will fill weak and powerless. 

Because they are connected, anger is one of the symptoms that many therapists are looking for when they have to diagnose generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). If a child experiences prolonged irritability, it would be enough to diagnose GAD even without the presence of other symptoms. 

Slowing Down 

To overcome anxiety and anger, you need to slow down. You may think that it is just a simple idea. However, slowing down is not an easy undertaking. You will need to re-adjust from the years of conditioning. 

When you slow down, you are realigning your body with your mind. You are quieting the mind so you can focus on one activity, which is in the present moment. With anxiety, you are pulling yourself away from the present moment. But, as you slow down, you are going back to the present moment. 

To help you be in the present, you can pick a hobby or activity that you can focus on right now. It can be an activity that you hear, taste, smell or touch. Simply focus on those senses while you drink coffee, for instance, or while you are typing something on your computer.

When a thought pops in, just tell yourself, “Not now.” Over time, though, you will get accustomed to slowing down and always be in the present moment. 

It is difficult at first. That’s why you must work with an anxiety therapist in Los Angeles to guide you. To start your session, you may schedule an appointment online or you may call us at (310) 359-9450.