There are Alternatives to Divorce in Los Angeles

There are Alternatives to Divorce in Los Angeles

If you and your spouse have found that you are no longer compatible, and you do not want to be married any longer, most people immediately think of the standard filing for divorce as the only solution available. The truth is that filing for divorce in the court system in California today is not an easy thing for you. The court systems have a huge backlog of cases. And it could be many months or even years before your case is heard, argued and resolved. You should know that there are alternatives to divorce in Los Angeles that can be much easier and more affordable and amicable for both of you.

Alternatives to Divorce in Los Angeles

An Amicable Divorce is Possible

It may happen that both parties have decided that a divorce is the best option for each person. And maybe there is agreement on most aspects of the divorce. So seeking a mediated divorce can be a better way for you to go. Divorces like this involve going through mediation. With an experienced mediator presiding over the proceedings and helping to divide community property and assets in a fair way so that both parties gain their independence. This process is ideal for those seeking a divorce without the bad feelings and arguments. 

Mediation Saves Time in a Divorce

When you choose mediation as one of the alternatives to divorce in Los Angeles, your mediation can save you a lot of time and money. Mediation can generally get a much quicker resolution for you since there is more common ground to work with in the divorce. You may find the mediation process may only take days to complete. And you have much more flexibility with your agreements than you might have with lawyers and courts. The process can also cost you much less than contesting a divorce in court. This can potentially save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Learn More about Alternatives to Divorce

If you would like to explore more about the alternatives to divorce in Los Angeles that are available today, make time to talk with the representatives here at CROSSCOR Valuations and Forensics, Inc. They are experts in divorce mediation and can provide you with a good CPA to assist with your mediation process. You can find out more about the services they offer here on their website. Or you can call them at (949) 264-1455 to set up a meeting with them. They can talk to you about viable alternatives to contested divorce.