A Vape Insurance Company that Covers LG Batteries

After mechanical vape mods were introduced to the market a new problem emerged.  It was something that no one expected, except, those with advanced knowledge of batteries.  Most notably, the 18650 batteries started venting in people’s pockets. They would vent due to an electrical short from improper storage.  So, loose change and keys or other metal objects cause a short resulting venting and/or exploding – most commonly in pockets or bags. Battery manufacturers are located in China and subrogation is almost impossible.  However, in response to hundreds of claims, certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London decided to exclude LG, Efest, and MXJO batteries. Meet the vape insurance company that did this.

Vape Insurance Company for LG Batteries

Insuring batteries is very risky business for insurers. Nonetheless, they have consistently paid millions of dollars to settle vape explosion lawsuits.  Recently, one of the insurers we write vape insurance company decided not to exclude the LG brand.  If you currently have a Claims Made & Reported policy, we can retro-actively provide coverage for LG batteries; even if your Lloyd’s of London policy excluded them for several years.

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