A Relationship Therapist in Los Angeles Can Help Save a Marriage

If you have been married for a length of time, you know that there can be enormous stress and pressure that exists in making a marriage work. Perhaps you each have a job that keeps you busy from morning until night. Maybe you come home too exhausted to help take care of the kids, the daily chores and more before you fall into bed. As time goes on, you may find that you have fewer and fewer moments and interactions together and have started to drift apart as a couple. Seeing a relationship therapist in Los Angeles can be just the thing you need to help strengthen and save the marriage.

Relationship Therapist in Los Angeles

Learning to Communicate with a Therapist

Communication is an important factor in any relationship, and you need to find ways to re-open the lines of communication that may have become closed over time. Without communication and dialogue, it can be easy for resentment and anger to fester and grow, and this can be what tears a relationship apart. Working with an experienced relationship therapist will help you to see where the breakdowns in communication have occurred and what you can do to bring them back to where they once were so you understand each other’s feelings and emotions again.

The Approach of a Therapist

Your relationship therapist in Los Angeles will work closely with each of you so that you understand each other better, see where the weaknesses have developed in the relationship, and learn how to focus attention on meeting each other’s needs. The therapy sessions will help to bring you together again as a couple and provide you with the tools you need to help create a loving relationship that will last.

Choose a Therapist for Sessions

If you believe seeing a relationship therapist in Los Angeles can provide you with the insight you need to help save your marriage, please call the office of Dr. Yvonne Thomas so you can arrange a session. Dr. Thomas is a licensed psychologist with over twenty years of experience working with individuals and couples to help with relationships. Call their office at (310)359-9450 to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Thomas so you can take the first steps towards strengthening your marriage. If you prefer to send us an email, please fill out their online contact form with your details and they will get back to you.