A Non 12 Step Rehab Program Could Be an Alternative for You

Non 12 Step Rehab Could Be an Alternative

There have been programs around for many years designed to help people facing addictions to alcohol or drugs. Many of the programs and facilities that you find today that offer treatment all seem to have the same approach. Many of them use of the famous twelve steps systems that were created long ago. And they expect you to adhere to each step along the way to help you recover. Unfortunately, these programs are not effective for everyone. You should know that there is a non 12 step rehab like the one they offer at Summit Estate can be a better alternative for you. It can provide you with the assistance that will be more effective in dealing with addiction.

non 12 step rehab with summit estate

The Flaws in 12 Step Recovery

There are several flaws in the typical 12 step program that can make it ineffective for you. These programs make those involved with the it highly dependent. They are very attached to the program to help them sustain recovery. This dependency that can actually hinder progress in recovery. The programs also tend to focus more on dealing with the symptoms of addiction. They fail to get to the root of where your addiction may lie, leaving you open to relapse.

What is a non 12 step rehab about?

There are alternatives to the typical 12 step recovery program you find at many facilities. One alternative exists at Summit Estate. Their non 12 step rehab can combine several approaches to customize a program that fits your needs most. Their approach allows their staff to work closely with you to provide you with the treatment that helps get to the heat of your addiction. So you can recover physically, mentally and spiritually and have a better chance at a long-lasting recovery.

See How Our Program Can Help You

If you are ready to go for a non 12 step rehab, you want to see how their program can work for you at Summit Estate. Look around their website so you can find out more about their facility, the programs, and the treatment they offer there. You can contact them by calling (866) 569-9391 at any time, day or night, to speak with us about admission to their facility and what they can do to help with your addiction. You will not regret taking this step. They are sure that their method, advice and experienced staff can help you change your life forever.