A Non 12 Step Rehab is A Good Alternative

Whether you are looking to overcome an alcohol addiction or a substance addiction, many of the programs and facilities that you look at will seem very similar to you. This typical approach, using well-known twelve-step programs to help you heal, does work for some people. The problem is that there are many people that fall outside of the twelve steps and do not get the help they truly need, leaving them still struggling with addiction. If you are looking to go beyond the 12 steps of rehab you seem to find everywhere, you want a non 12 step rehab like the one Summit Estate offers.

Why 12 Steps Can Fail

The twelve steps program can fail for many people because the philosophy behind the 12 steps only looks at the symptoms of the addiction and tries to work with them. Addressing the symptoms can help you, but it does not get to the heart of the reasons why your addiction may exist. Failing to find the root of your addiction can leave you vulnerable to relapse, making your sobriety temporary so that you find yourself back where you were, fighting addiction again and again.

12 Step Rehab

A Better Answer Than 12 Steps

Summit Estate professional have found a better answer than the 12 steps of rehab many other programs follow. Their experienced and highly trained staff will work closely with you to help you get to the root of your addiction. They help you face and understand the core issues that may drive your addiction so you can develop strategies to help face all the issues you face. This non 12 step rehab has proven results and gives you a better chance at sustained sobriety. They are confident that Summit Estate method can help you to turn your life around.

Learn about a non 12 step rehab

If you would like to find a long-term solution for your addiction that goes beyond the traditional 12 steps of rehab, contact Summit Estate for more information. They can help you on this long journey to become the person you want to be and leave behind all your addictions. You can call their facility at (818) 436-2646 to speak with a staff member and find out more about their non 12 step rehab program and what you can do to arrange for an initial assessment so you can see how they can assist you.